Umami Bomb Rice Bowl

Brown rice bowl with shredded chicken, spinach, tomato, carrots, scallion, celery, sweet potato, corn, purple slaw, parmesan, Asian dressing, tomato soup and miso broth

Restaurant: Nalley Fresh
Location visited: 6455 Dobbin Rd #45, Columbia, MD 21045
Recommend? No

In the process of eating clean, we decided to try a new restaurant in town that looked like it’s up in our “eating healthy alley.” We’ve never been before so after pondering at the menu for quite some time, we decided to just get the one bowl that they advertised all pretty right before the ordering line: “Umami Bomb Rice Bowl.” It sounded great on paper, and it looked even prettier in the pictures… but in real life, it didn’t really live up to any of that. To me it tasted… bland. It was in between being a rice bowl and a soup that has run out of broth. The shredded chicken had little to no flavor… and the serving of the Asian dressing was barely anything that I could barely taste it. Overall, I was disappointed. I loved the aesthetics of the actual restaurant, but I think it was too hyped up. I ended up getting a smoothie next door to satisfy me afterwards. Sigh. Perhaps one of these days I’ll give something else in the menu another try. Until then, maybe I’ll just stick to Panera for some healthy eats in the area.

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