Green Tea Bingsoo

Restaurant: Tous Les Jours
Location visited: 9380 Baltimore National Turnpike Ellicott City, MD 21042
Recommend? Yes

I’ve had my fair share of bingsoos… and it’ll be evident throughout this blog but hands down the best I’ve ever had has to be from Tous Les Jours. They are fairly new (that I know of at least) in Ellicott City but I’m absolutely in love with it! It comes in 2 sizes: Small and Large. The large is huge! Between 2 of us, we still couldn’t finish it… but was able to take it home and eat it the next day. My favorite part about this is that they put green tea ice cream in between the ice and on top of the ice so you will never run out of green tea goodness. Plus, the shaved ice they use just melts in your mouth so perfectly and it’s not rough like most of the others I’ve tasted. Outside of the shaved ice and green tea ice cream, this bowl also came with mochi, corn flakes and red beans… aka the perfect combination of heaven in your mouth!


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