Cheeseburger (kids meal)

Restaurant: Fuddruckers
Location visited: 6486 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, MD 21045
Other: open seating
Recommend? Yes

Fuddruckers has so many different burgers… but they’re all so huge. Also, the burgers that you order don’t come with fries or a drink by default so that’s slightly kind of annoying… so enters the Kids Meal: Cheeseburger. This lovely meal comes with the burger, fries, a drink and a free cookie all for a very cheap price. The catch is, you need to be <12 years older to order it (or you’re an adult with a <12yr old kid) but sometimes the people up front are nice enough to let you get away with it.

…not sure if that’s allowed but I try to push it as often as I could. I think I’ve only ever been denied once, if at all.

Anyways, when I do end up getting this, I just pack my burger with their unlimited sides and toppings… plus their jalapeno cheese dip for their fries. Mmm, so good!

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