Connecticut Style Lobster Roll

Connecticut Style: Hot and Buttery! Fresh Maine Lobster served warm with butter and lemon

Restaurant: Red Hook Lobster Pound DC
Location visited: Truckeroo — 1201 Half St SE, Washington, DC 20003
Other: Check out their website for where the truck will be at next!
Recommend? Yes

I don’t know how else to put it besides the fact that this. was. amazing! The portion was on the small tiny side for what it was worth… but I guess if you take into account that these are supposedly Maine lobsters… it justified the price ($15.95+tax). MAYBE. I won’t indulge in it ALLL the time but it’s definitely a nice to eat from time to time. The lobster was covered in buttery goodness… and the roll (which is basically one piece of toast) was toasted to PERFECTION. This is by far my favorite eats at Truckeroo… and from the length of the line on Friday… it was a popular favorite by a majority of the people there too.

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