(Unlimited) Hotpot

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Restaurant: Riverside HotPot
Website: http://www.riversidehotpot.com
Location visited: 820 Muddy Branch Rd, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Recommend? Yes

It’s a hotpot buffet… which makes it even better. You start by choosing your base soup. There are 5 base soups– I usually choose the Seafood broth, but I’ve also had the Spicy soup. The seafood broth is perfect for me since it’s relatively mild and doesn’t eventually end up overwhelming me. The spicy soup is great in the beginning but the more you eat, the rich taste just becomes slightly overwhelming. I think it all comes down to preferences. Regardless, I believe they give you the option to change your base soup for an extra fee… so you can do that too if you feel so inclined.

They have a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, meatballs and other miscellaneous things you can cook in your hotpot. In order to order, you just need to mark it on the piece of paper (similar to going to a sushi restaurant, a la carte) and they bring enough for however many of you there are. Outside of that, they have a buffet of different sauces that you can also add in to your soup/to dip.

Overall, a very pleasant experience that’s got me wanting to go back over and over again whenever I’m craving hotpot.

…If you know of another HotPot restaurant in the area, please feel free to comment below since this is the only one I know of in the immediate MD area!

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