Birthday Cake & Half Baked

Bakery: Kupcakes & Co.
Location visited: 6010 Meadowridge Center Dr. Elkridge, MD 21075
Recommend? Yes

This lovely bakery celebrated their 5th birthday this past weekend and it was the cutest thing we ever did see! They went all out by having the cutest birthday party. They had a pizza food truck outside, face painting, balloons (who doesn’t like balloons?!) and was handing out free slices of cake (omg, I fell in love). It was definitely nice seeing the support from the community from existing customers to brand new fans (like us!). The owner of the company was around so we got a chance to meet her as she showed off the wonderful 3-tiered cake they made for the event (shown below). I love supporting local bakeries/restaurants… and it’s definitely no different for this bakery.

…but anyways, on to a quick review of their cupcakes. You can say I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes/desserts (or just OVERLY PICKY) … but their’s were just oh-so good that I may have to rethink my stance on it. Although the “half-baked” cupcake was on the sweet side… it was just SO good that I couldn’t stop eating it. I chased it down with a glass of milk and all was well in the world. Saved the “birthday cake” cupcake for later (probably tonight)… but I’m guessing it probably tastes exactly like the slice of cake they handed out at the party… and if so… THEN I AM IN LOVE. The cupcakes were m-oist (omg hate that word!) and absolutely not dry… and just… perfection. Two thumbs up, Kupcakes!

…until next time! Once again, congrats on hitting the 5 year mark and here is to many more!

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