Island Slaw

Restaurant: Festival Island Noodles
Location visited: Dover, DE
Recommend? Yes

It was the perfect mixture of greens (spinach?), fruit (mandarin oranges), and protein (chicken) — even though it probably wasn’t the healthiest thing (or maybe it actually is…) it was absolutely delicious. It’s a favorite among festival goers so I knew I had to try it… and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Although it doesn’t look as much, and doesn’t look like it’ll get you full, it will! They put enough chicken on here to satisfy your cravings.

…and if not, they have plenty of other yummy things on the menu that you can give a try, like their soba noodles 🙂

*can someone from Island Noodles PLEASE re-do your site? It’s horrendous, doesn’t offer up any relevant information and hard to navigate. It would also probably be helpful if you add an actual menu under “Menu Items” instead of just 2 photos that aren’t even labeled… 

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