Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Restaurant: Teriyaki Madness
Location visited: 9163 Reisterstown Rd Owings Mills, MD
Recommend? Maybe

I have very conflicting feelings about this place… and the root of my issues lays in the fact that I am extremely frustrated by whoever handles their Instagram account. But let’s start at the beginning…

I initially gave them a 4 star review on Yelp on 6/10/16

First time visitor and I’ll most likely be coming back. Got there a few minutes before the lunch rush (12:15pm) which was good as they didn’t really have a lot of seating area.

Ordered the chicken teriyaki bowl with white rice and stir fried veggies and it was the perfect size. Kind of bummed they don’t let you do a half/half base (half white/half brown rice anyone?) but it’s not a deal breaker.

Friend ordered the spicy chicken teriyaki. She paid extra to make it extra spicy but apparently it wasn’t even really spicy at all… Probably better to just get the normal chicken teriyaki for cheaper and just had siracha sauce (complimentary) on it.

Will definitely be coming back! #ourfoodieventures (on instagram)

I got a good response back from their manager and here I am thinking, yes! I’ll definitely be going back. They got management that care about their customers… but then!

…I posted the above photo on Instagram. @teriyakimadness then reposts it without crediting me (@ourfoodieventures). I leave a NICE note saying please credit us because it’s copyright infrigement to take someones photo, take credit and ownership of it. The owner of the account then responds back quite rudely that it’s basically their property because THE PHOTO IS OF THEIR FOOD. WHAT?! I took the photo and I don’t care if it is your food, give me credit or take it down. They then took it down when I threatened to report them… then continues to ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM. NO.


A day later… THE SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN WITH ANOTHER TERIYAKI MADNESS ACCOUNT!!! They took my photo, put a pretty little caption and not credit. I promptly tell them to credit us or take it down.

They credited us.

Now, was that so hard?! Seriously Teriyaki Madness… get your marketing people on lock down because this is ridiculous and will probably end up reporting you the next time you pull this stunt.

/end rant.

*Note: this exchange has nothing to do with the Owings Mills chain that I visited

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