Chicken Tikka Masala

Restaurant: Cafe Delhi
Location visited: 205 Mary St, Carnegie, PA 15106
Recommend? Yes

I think I pretty much got my bases covered in my yelp review so I’ll just leave that one here:

Had my doubts about this place because it looks like a slightly sketchy neighborhood but boy, was I wrong! Got here around lunch time on a Saturday (~noon) and it was very slow… Not sure if this place is usually slow or if it’s because it’s a holiday weekend.

Customer service up to par, which is very important to me. The person who took my order was very pleasant. He told me to order my entree with naan, and hooked me up with a bowl of rice.

-Chicken tikka masala: it came in a smaller bowl than I anticipated but it was actually just the right amount with my sides of naan and rice. I felt like there was a lot more sauce than chicken… And probably could’ve been better with more… But no complaints.
-Mango Lissa: came in a tiny cup. Was hoping it’d be made to order / fresh but he pulled it out pre made from the display. It was still good but wish it was colder.
-Tandoori chicken: got 4 pieces of chicken and should be more than enough for 1 person. It was flavorful and overall, no complaints.

They have spice levels 1-10 (mild to hot). The 8 had a kick but I didn’t think it was as spicy as an 8 should be. It was actually pretty close to the level 5 spice.

They have indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoor seating can be under a roof, or completely out in the open.

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