Vanilla Puffle

Restaurant: Snow Bots
Website: h
Location visited: 1701 Rockville Pike Ste B9 Rockville MD 20852
Recommend? Yes

We’ve been seeing this new craze on instagram so we knew we just had to try it! Unfortunately, a majority of the ones we saw were in NYC (of course it is -insert eye roll emoji here-) but then stumbled upon an instagram that said Snow Bots had it. We already loved snowbots for their Snow Cream so we had very high expectations for this.

It didn’t disappoint! …at least, not really. I thought it was extremely yummy (everything was so sweet, but it’s to be expected) but wish they had more ice cream options. I think right now they only have vanilla, and seasonal… so there’s that. We added mango drizzle to it which added more flavor, but hope that one of these days they add some cool flavors, that’s in par with their snow cream flavors.

It’s been ridiculously hot here in the DMV so be sure to check them out, and cool yourself down a little bit if you’re ever in the area!

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