Shrimp + Crawfish

Restaurant: BeClaws
Location visited: 2404 University Boulevard West, Silver Spring MD 20902
Other: limited parking
Recommend? Maybe

We love this place because the service is great and they’re awesome on Instagram. Shoutout to Rosemary for being an awesome server! Loved the atmosphere and the aesthetics of the place was pretty nice… although it didn’t really have a cajun type restaurant feel… but not really much complaints there.

We put it as a “maybe” because it’s one of those personal preferences kinda things. We’ve been to other cajun restaurants like this that offered a slightly more flavorful offerings. It’s not to say that they were bad but we’ve had better. It’s definitely worth a try, and for the price, it’s definitely something that you have to try once.

After all, I think this is the closest place I know in Maryland… most of the ones we’ve tried are either in DC, VA… or Cali. I do still think people should check them out… so what are you waiting for? GO, GO, GO!

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