Saffron Rice Pudding & Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Restaurant: The Charmery
Location visited: 801 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
Other: limited parking
Recommend? Yes

This quaint ice cream parlor will make your ice cream dreams come true. Their flavor changes often from the regulars to the flavors that make guest appearances…so if you’re a regular, you can keep trying something new or stick to your personal favorite.

Pictured above are the Rice Pudding Saffron and Birthday  Cake flavors. The rice pudding ice cream has chunks of rice pudding that I didn’t expect and added texture to it. It was a little on the sweet side… but I think a lot of things are sweeter than the normal person. The birthday cake ice cream didn’t taste like usual birthday cake flavors… but it was still delicious.

Definitely a good spot to hit up on a hot summer day. There’s always a line wrapped around the shop so make sure that you hit this up when you’ve got some time to spare!

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