Green Tea Snow Cream

Restaurant: Snow Bots
Location visited: 1701 Rockville Pike Ste B9 Rockville MD 20852
Recommend? Yes

Pictured above: Large Matcha Green Tea, with mochi and green tea pocky sticks with condensed milk drizzle

I will always default to green tea matcha ❤ and I’ve yet to meet one that I didn’t like, no matter the form.

This is the second visit that they’ve forgotten my part of my order… I’m not sure if it’s because both times I’ve gone it’s been incredibly busy or I just have bad luck with it. I usually order multiple things and the first half of my order will be out on time but the second half will be forgotten.

Regardless, every time they do forget, they up the size of whatever it was I ordered. This time, I ordered a regular and they gave me a large. I guess that kinda makes up for it… right?

On the plus side, they have a PokeStop right in the store… and sometimes they give discounts for certain teams, etc. so go check it out if you’re an avid PokemonGo trainer!

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