Buffalo Wing Burger

Restaurant: Dave and Buster’s
Website: http://www.daveandbusters.com/
Location visited: 7000 Arundell Mills Circle Suite D-1 Hanover, MD 21076
Recommend? No

I’ve never met a burger I didn’t like… and I certainly have never met a burger with bleu cheese I didn’t like…until I ordered this. I suppose first time for everything, right?

First of all, the service was… to put it as nicely as I could… NOT GOOD. I heard that in instances where gratuity is automatic (ie: parties of 6 or more, etc.) servers usually don’t pay as much attention to the party. It could have never been more right in this case. Our server would disappear for 15 minutes at a time… and never really checked up on us when we got our food. He also seemed extremely grumpy and looked like he hated his job overall.

But to go back to the original reason for this post…

This burger… was the DRIEST burger I’ve ever had. It was supposed to be a burger with buffalo chicken in it but as you can tell… the buffalo chicken tender strip wasn’t even IN the burger. I think I nearly choked trying to eat this because it was that dry (no, I promise I am not exaggerating). Not only that, but even the tater tats were dry! How does that happen?

Needless to say, between the burger, side and service… I don’t really see a reason for coming back to this place… at least come back to this place and order this exact same thing.

Get it together, DnB!


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