Make your own salad bowl

Restaurant: Nalley Fresh
Location visited: 6455 Dobbin Rd #45, Columbia, MD 21045
Recommend? Yes

We LOVE this place… especially when we’ve spent the past few days guiltily enjoying yummy food… and we need to eat healthy. Not only is this place healthy, it’s actually really good! Love the fact that everything is fresh, so that we can indulge as much as we want, without feeling bad afterwards, and for a relatively cheap price!

Trying to remember everything I put in this amazing salad… so let me try my best… 

Arugula for greens, Spicy Thai Chicken for protein… and endless amounts of other fruits and veggies like mango, strawberries, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, cucumber, a squeeze of lime… all above the warmest and yummiest piece of sweet potato.

*I usually HATE sweet potatoes… as in, I don’t like sweet potato fries or any other kind of sweet potato variation… with the exception of having it in my Nalley Fresh Salad.

If you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly suggest you do! They are opening up new storefronts in Owings Mills and another location up North that I forgot… we promise you that won’t regret it (I mean have we steered you wrong yet…?)

Be forwarned that you’ll probably see more posts from us from Nalley Fresh but it just shows how much of a fan we are! 

Previous review can be found here.

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