Cake Push-Pops

Bakery: Kupcakes & Co.
Location visited: 6010 Meadowridge Center Dr. Elkridge, MD 21075
Recommend? Yes

L surprised me with these cake pops from Kupcake’s this past weekend for my birthday. I’ve never really been HUGE on cake… but I’ll eat a little bit of it from time to time… so this was the PERFECT size. Seriously, I have yet to have anything from Kupcake that I haven’t liked. Not only do they take pride in their flavors, and quality… but also their presentation.

Check out their awesome portfolio–

@kupcakesco is their main Instagram where they post cookies, cake pops, cinnabon buns, and CUPCAKE PARFAITS — you are guaranteed to be drooling after just 5 minutes of scrolling through their feed

@kupcakescocakes is their cake Instagram… did you know they competed in cake wars? I mean, not only did they compete, but they also WON, so you know that they are LEGIT. Check out their Instagram, and soon you’ll be ordering your very own personalized gourmet cake!

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