Meat Sampler

Restaurant: Ahadu Ethiopian Cuisine
Location visited: 15510 Old Columbia Pike Burtonsville, MD 20866
Recommend? Yes

This place is our go to Ethiopian restaurant (may or may not be because we haven’t really gone to any other one) but their food is amazing, and their service is exceptional. We’ve gone a couple of times and we always seem to get the same thing. Pictured above is their meat sampler which includes chicken, beef and lamb tibs. It is good for 2 people, and comes with 4 veggie sides that you can choose from.

I always think that the injera that comes with the entree isn’t enough and always prepare myself to ask for more…but I never do because I think the amount they give for 2 people is the perfect portion. I’ve always wondered if you’d have to pay more for extra… but since I’m always stuffed by the end of it, I’ve never been able to ask.

Definitely recommend this place. It has a family type feel and setting, plus good food…what else can you really ask for?

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