California Crab

Restaurant: Maki Shop
Location visited: 1522 14th Street NW Washington DC – 20005
Recommend? No

I’ve never been so disappointed… because I really had high hopes (kinda, sorta) in the beginning. I had mentioned to a friend about loving Buredo in DC, and she proceeded to tell me that she heard about this “other” awesome sushi burrito place called Maki Shop that I’ve got to try. Granted, she’s also never been but that’s what her friend told her… and so of course as the foodie that I am, I had to give it a go. I checked out their website, and the presentation of the sushi burrito looked different but I tried to ignore that. Warning bells went off in my head but still… can’t really say no to new things. So off I go…

They have a lunch combo. They don’t put the price on there (which I think was a warning in itself)… the lunch combo comes with 2 sushi burritos of your choice, a side and a drink. I chose the California crab (pictured above) and the Poke Tuna (pictured below). First complaint: why do I have to roll my own sushi? Okay, I get it. According to their website, and their signs… it’s so that the nori wrapper doesnt get soggy and everything stays fresh*. They show you a video of how to unwrap the insides, and the wrapper… and how to roll. First the whole experience is just messy for me. If I wanted to roll my own sushi, I probably would’ve just done it at home… Eventually, my sushi just fell apart. Not a happy camper.

Went with 3 co-workers…

  • Co-worker #1: he said he liked it (except the curry chicken because it was a weird experience) — expensive and not better than Buredo but it’s “okay”
  • Co-worker #2: horrible experience. But into her first sushi… returned it and asked for a different one because she hated it that much.
  • Co-worker #3: didn’t have a good experience. Got back to the office and she felt like she was going to get sick. Fingers crossed it’s not food poisoning.

Overall, I had high hopes… but I suppose it is what it is. Better luck next time, Maki 😦

*if they wanted to make sure everything stays fresh, why not just do it as make to order? 

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