Chicken & Donut(s)

Restaurant: Astro Doughnuts
Location visited: 1308 G Street NW Washington DC 20005
Recommend? Maybe

Pictured above: Classic 2 piece chicken & birthday cake donut

I’ve heard a lot about this place because they also have a food truck roaming around… and so when I discovered they had a storefront across the street from the building of my new office, I knew I had to try it! I was never really a die-hard fan for chicken and waffles… but with most food, I’ll try (mostly) anything once… and so that’s how I ended up checking this place out.

For the most part, it’s a great combination… you get your salty with the chicken, and you get your SWEEEEETTTT on with the donuts. For me, the chicken is as salty as the donuts are as sweet. I don’t think I can eat it often, but it’s definitely a staple to try out if you’re ever in the area at least once.

There’s limited seating outside… and nothing inside. The storefront is extremely small and for the most part, the line goes out the door at lunch because it’s that small. Plan early if you do decide to come during lunch hours on a weekday.

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