Parts & Labor

Restaurant: Parts & Labor
Location visited: 2600 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD 21218
Recommend? Yes

After months of wanting to go here, my wish was finally granted! Made a reservation around 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon expecting it to be crowded, but it was quite the opposite. There was barely anyone there. I think outside of my party, there were 2 others and that’s it. Not sure if this was an exception, or if this is the norm on a Sunday. Made a reservation via OpenTable and special requested a booth… and a booth is what we got!

*Parts and Labor is a full service butcher shop and restaurant. They purchase their pasture-raised animals from farms who share the same vision as them. For more information, please visit their website listed above! 

So let’s get started…


Goldilocks- raspberry, gin, sparkling wine and Cotes du Rhone wine

We wanted mimosas… but they didn’t have any orange juice and when we had asked the server for recommendation on a drink closest to it, she recommended the Goldilocks. It has gin in it, but you can barely taste it, which is exactly how I wanted it!


Donut: Concord grape glaze donut with toffee

This was really good. It was warm, tasted fresh… and most importantly, it wasnt overwhelmingly sweet.

Nduja- spicy spreadable pork sausage, crostini, scallion

This was really good (and not really spicy). I’ve never had spreadable pork sausage before but this has made me into a believer! I feel like I can eat 10 of these at one time. It had the perfect amount of flavor and the right kind of texture to keep me wanting more! It’s a little on the pricey side of 3 pieces of crostinis, but it’s definitely a try it AT LEAST once kind of deal


Charlie’s Steak Salad: grilled 4oz steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, butter milk dressing

I love steak… but I’m also trying this whole eating healthy thing so best compromise of course is a steak salad. This was great, and will definitely order it again. The steak was perfect, cooked medium and still a melt in your mouth kind of meat. Absolutely loved the butter milk dressing. Not sure if this is made in-house but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. It was light, but had enough flavors to accentuate everything in the salad.

Tavern Steak- 6oz tavern steak, pork fried potatoes, herb relish, spicy mayo

The steak tasted as good as the steak in my salad, plus more. I believe they added chimichurri sauce on it, which made it just HEAVENLY. I’m obsessed. Plus their fries are amazing, and even more flavorful dipped in spicy mayo* (except this spicy mayo tastes nothing like the spicy mayo I usually get with my sushi -insert pondering face here-)

Cheesteak: shaved beef rib cap, lettuce, “Hawks Hill” cheddar, caramelized onion, herb mayo on a toasted hoagie roll

It’s no Philly Cheesesteak but they definitely made it their own. Everything about the way this cheesesteak was put together was purposeful and will leave you wanting more.


Butterscotch bread pudding – pikesville toffee sauce, fresh cream ice cream

I rarely eat dessert when I go out, but mostly because by the end of the meal… I’m so full and can’t move. Since I had a salad and a few bites of the other entrees… I definitely still had room. I don’t eat bread pudding very often but I must say… this is one of the best I’ve ever had. It was warm, and m–st (forgive me, I just hate that word), and the ice cream on top of it just accentuated all the flavors of the bread pudding. A+, Parts and Labor!

This place was definitely well worth the wait, and we can’t go back again to give their dinner menu a try!



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