Chorizo Taco

Restaurant: District Taco
Location visited: 1919 M St. NW, Washington DC
Recommend? Yes

I’ve heard mixed reviews of this place… some saying it’s overly hyped, some saying that it’s not that great… but we can all agree on one thing: it’s fairly reasonably priced. Now the above photo is not a picture I can say I’m most proud of because but mostly because as tasty as the taco was… it just wasn’t… “pretty” to look at. But anyways…

The great thing about this place is that they serve breakfast tacos ALL DAY… and then lunch/dinner tacos (+others) after 10am. You can get 3 tacos for $8 which is a good deal… especially in DC where everything is expensive. By default, the tacos come in a flour tortilla but you can request for corn for no extra charge. Then you choose your protein and your toppings. For my 3 tacos… I ordered chorizo (pictured above), barbacoa and carne asada with onions, cheese, jalapeno and pico de gallo. I didn’t really have a favorite… but all 3 were pretty good.

This place is usually pretty busy, and I seem to always see a line… but we got there roughly around 11:40 and the line was bearable. I’m thinking that the closer it is to noon… the more crowded it becomes so if you do decide to go during the week… definitely plan on going there early!

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