Half&Half Takorean Bowl

Restaurant: Takorean
Website: http://takorean.com (restaurant), http://eatatnationalplace.com (food court)
Location visited: 13th & F Streets, NW Washington DC
Other: visited at their Eat (at National Place ) location

When I’m running out of places to eat (I know it’s near impossible being in DC but still..), my default place to go is the “Food Court” near my office… where they have Takorean. Although there are plenty of options there, I somehow always end up getting food at Takorean. Perhaps one day I’ll look into trying out other spots…

Takorean started as a food truck and since they did so well, they expanded to different places, and that’s how they ended up as a pop-up at “Eat”. They are a Korean/Mexican fusion… where you get the flavors of Korean dishes mixed with some Mexican style. Basically, the easiest way to think about it is that they offer Korean Burrito bowls.

When ordering, you have the option of picking your “style”: Taco, Slaw Bowl, Rice Bowl or half & half. I always choose half & half because I like getting the best of both worlds when it comes to my veggies and grains. Then you choose your protein, and so far I’ve tried their chicken and pork. If you can’t choose between the options, you are able to get half&half of that too. For my grain I always end up choosing brown rice (trying to be healthy and all that) and my all time favorite slaw Spiced Kale (shredded kale with purple cabbage & carrots tossed with a soy sauce & gochugaru dressing). Then I top it off with siracha, sesame seeds and fresh cilantro for added flavor.

It’s simple… it’s good, and it’s quick and easy. It falls under the Cava/Chipotle category… and I’m always down for simple and quick yet tasty options.

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