Oreo Bliss

Restaurant: Ale House, Columbia
Website: http://www.thealehousecolumbia.com/
Location visited: 6480 Dobbin Center Way Columbia, MD 21045
Recommend? Yes

Three deep-fried Oreos battered with Rice Krispies over crushed Oreo pieces, and served with vanilla ice cream.

I rarely go here for anything but drinks for happy hour… or a once in awhile dinner get together with friends… and when I do go here, it’s straight to the beer menu (I mean after all, they are an Ale House) or appetizers/dinner menu so needless to say, I knew nothing about their dessert menu.

Went with a couple colleagues of mine after dinner to grab some drinks. Sat at their deck since it’s starting to feel cool outside here in the DMV. Ordered one of my defaults Modern Life is Rubbish nitro… and my colleague ordered this bliss on a plate along with her drink.

The name fits it perfectly… it really is an Oreo Bliss, and something I’d highly recommend for all dessert lovers alike. The deep fried Oreos are warm, sweet and crunchy and pairs PERFECTLY with the vanilla ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth!


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