Chicken Kabob Rice Plate

Restaurant: Roti Modern Mediterranean
Location visited: 1311 F St NW, Washington DC
Recommend? Maybe

Every Tuesday, my co-workers and I take turns choosing a new place to try out. We recently just moved office locations so everyone is fairly new to the area… and so what better way to get to know it than by checking out the local eats?

This week’s choice was made by yours truly. I feel like every time it’s my turn, I end up choosing a Mediterranean place. I chose Cava Grille last time, and then there’s this place… which is very similar to Cava Grille. I tried not to be biased, but it couldn’t be helped…

It’s chipotle/cava style. You go down the line to choose your base, protein, sauces and toppings. You have an option of a rice plate, laffa wrap (wrap wrap?), pita sandwich or a salad. I wish they have the option of doing half rice, half salad… but maybe you can and it’s just not on the menu. Who knows? Then they have chicken, steak, salmon or falafel as options. Haven’t seen salmon as an option before so I guess that’s awesome… a shoutout to my pescatarian friends. You get to add 3 toppings to whatever you get… and it’s around $0.50 cents for each additional topping.

Overall, it’s a place I’ll probably end up going back to just because it’s a convenient 5 minute walk from my office… but if I had a choice between Cava or Roti, I probably would still pick Cava Grille.

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