Krispy Kreme for #NationalCoffeeDay (late)

Bakery: Krispy Kreme
Location visited: 1350 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036
Recommend? Yes

I’m really bad about this posting on time thing… I meant to post this last week for #NationalCoffeeDay but alas, life and work got in the way and was unable to.

Pictured above is my haul from Krispy Kreme. My co-workers and I made the trek to DuPont for Krispy Kreme’s free donut and coffee for National Coffee Day. I don’t get to eat Krispy Kreme often since there’s none around where I live (anymore) so this was a special treat. The donut was still warm (fresh out of the oven FTW) and tasted just as good as I remembered it. The coffee was a little watered down, and I was still sleepy afterwards… but what can you expect from free coffee? Definitely not complaining though!

I have yet to try Krispy Kreme’s other donuts but why try the others when their simple glazed one always keeps me wanting more?


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