Pho Your Own Way

Food Truck: Pho Junkies
Location visited: Tuesday’s Metro Center: 12th St NW near H St NW (12th & H)
Recommend? Yes

I was hesitant to try this at first just because “pho” and “food truck” never really went together in my head. To me, pho was supposed to be eaten at a restaurant (mostly when you’re hungover, or you’re sick and in need of comfort food) or at home freshly made by someone who knew what they were doing… but every time a food truck conversation came up in the office, it was always “OMG, have you tried that Pho truck yet?” The answer was always a big “NO” but honestly, it did peak my interest.

I didn’t get a chance to get it until today since on Tuesday’s, my co-workers and I tend to eat out at a random restaurant chosen by whoever’s turn it is that week. Today was an exception because either people were sick, working from home, or just busy… so I took it upon myself to grab at my rare chance of actually checking out this place… and it surprisingly didn’t disappoint.

The soup itself was in this to-go container. It was different since I’m used to eating my pho in a glass bowl. I chose a #4 which basically allows you to choose 3 different kinds of meats. I think the soup to meat ratio was pretty good so no complaints there. On the side, they give you siracha, hoisin sauce, 1 lime and 3 pieces of jalapenos. All the greens (basil, bean sprouts, etc) I usually put in my soup are already in it so that’s good. Overall, the quality of the food was actually not bad and I’d probably check them out again on a Tuesday that I’m available to and am in need of some comforting.

…oh yea, I almost forgot, check out their actual TRUCK–

I think it’s so clever and definitely eye catching. Who would forget a zombie pho truck? If there was an outbreak, I’d definitely still be down for some pho! Walking Dead, anyone?

…until next time! 

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