The Elephant Baltimore

Restaurant: The Elephant Baltimore
Location visited: 924 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Recommend? Yes

It’s a $$$ restaurant, and it shows! Built in the 1850s and recently re-opened this year, The Elephant holds a lot history that I recently just come to learn about. Although it’s not a must, checking out their timeline history on their website will definitely help you appreciate the entire experience prior to visiting.

Duck confit and Pear Salad

I definitely did not expect to get this when I ordered the pear salad. In my mind, I expected the traditional salad with sprinkled pear and shredded duck on top of it. Nevertheless, I thought it was delicious. I probably wouldn’t order it again but I don’t regret ordering it. The duck was crispy and the dressing they had on the pear was up to my liking

Grilled Octopus

This was by far my favorite “meal” (/appetizer) of the evening. Although it was mildly a little too pricey for the amount of grilled octopus on the plate, it did not disappoint.

Libations: rose wine and beer

*Was a lovely evening spent with fellow local Baltimore foodies. Thanks to the other half of OFV for putting it together. Definitely more events to come. 

**Many Thanks to The Elephant for granting us seats with good lighting, even though we didn’t really get to take advantage due to us taking forever to order… and it being dark by the time we got our food. Oops! 

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