Lunch at the Hamilton

Sashimi salad: soy marinated salmon, waloo, pepper tuna, mixed greens, carrot, cherry tomatoes, onion, miso & soy vinaigrette

Restaurant: The Hamilton
Location visited: 600 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20005
Recommend? Yes

Hit up The Hamilton with a few co-workers today for a Pre-Thanksgiving/Welcome to the Team (to our new team member) Lunch. I’ve actually never heard of The Hamilton but when I posted about eating there for lunch on social media, I got some pretty good feedback about it. Aside from the food, I really liked the interior of the place with its high ceilings and chandeliers. A+ guys!

Anyways… back to the food.

The sashimi salad was pretty good although I didn’t think it was really balanced. It had a LOT of greens, but barely any protein. I feel like I counted 6 pieces of protein (salmon/waloo/tuna) on a bed of greens. Not only that but I feel slightly jipped since the menu mentioned cherry tomatoes but I didn’t see a single one on my salad. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal… but it definitely would’ve been nice to have some tomatoes within the mixture. And of course, last but not least… I wish they had removed the really long, thick stems from the greens… or at least attempted to. At the end of my meal, I had a tall pile of the stems I had to remove to avoid choking. Nevertheless, regardless of my “complaints”… I still really liked the salad (it made me full without feeling guilty) but what I got for the price… I may just opt for something else on the menu next time.

Rosemary Truffle Frites
Mediterranean Spreads: hummus with chickpea salad, white bean with Sriracha, toasted pita

Alongside our entrees, we also ordered a couple of appetizers for the table. I think these Truffle Fries  are probably in my top 5 favorite truffle fries I’ve ever had (could’ve just been because I was really hungry… but also probably not). The hummus was also really good, although it’s not “the best” I’ve ever had.

To wrap it up, I really liked the Hamilton despite some of the cons I mentioned. I loved the vibe of the place (borderline bougie), the food was good, and the service decent. Will definitely be going back at some point again.

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