Here’s to 2017!

2016 was full of food adventures…

…more specifically, it was the year OFV was born… randomly in Philadephia, PA. When L and I first started this, we had absolutely no expectations. At first, we just wanted to document all the things we ate… but little did we know that we’d end up where we are now.

Through this blog, we met a lot of kind souls, who coincidentally loved to eat (and photograph!) food as much as we did. We traveled to new places we’ve never been to before and ate at restaurants where we experienced the good, the bad, and the yummy. This year we met the entrepreneurs behind the establishments you visit, the bakers and chefs of the food you enjoy… and the people that you shared your dining experiences with. It was a year of discovering new things, and meeting exciting people!

When we first started, I had no idea the direction I wanted this particular blog to go towards. We mostly focused our OFV energy towards the Instagram platform… and a little bit here and there between this website and Facebook… but I think for 2017, we’re going to switch gears a little bit.

Alongside of attempting to improve my writing… I want this blog to be more focused on our experiences. We want our readers to see the glimpse of the community we’ve slowly become a part of, the restaurants that we visit, the places we travel to, the events that we attend… and of course sharing the food we enjoy (or may not enjoy so much) with you.

Here’s to a clean slate… to 2017 where anything is possible. We’re so excited to have you be a part of it. Cheers!


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