Pie Five Pizza

Make your own pizza

Location visited:  6455 Dobbin Rd, Columbia, MD 21045

2017 New Years Resolution: FITNESS — but more like fitness whole pizza in my mouth!


I think I share the popular opinion when I say… I LOVE PIZZA. I’m low maintenance when it comes to pizza, but a  slightly picky low maintenance kind. I don’t want just anything on it, and there are definitely must-not-haves. If I have to go the simple route, extra cheese and pepperoni will make me a happy camper. If I go the more “complex” route… just don’t give me pineapples in them (or anything sweet — this includes the sauce), and I’ll (for the most part) eat it.

In a perfect world, I’ll have a thin crust pizza with mushrooms, bacon, sausages, extra (EXTRA!) cheese, pepperoni, onions… and I honestly could go on and on. With that said, if I am in the mood for all these toppings… in a normal pizza joint where they charge you per topping… this could get pretty pricey. Insert Pie Five Pizza in this scenario. They have this build your own pizza where you get to choose your crust, proteins, toppings, sauce… FOR ONE PRICE. I’m all about building my own thing because who wants to be put in a box and order something pre-made? Not this girl, that’s for sure!


…totally not hating on those people who would rather not think about what to build, and would rather choose from selected pre-made choices. Not to worry because Pie Five will have that for you as well! It’s basically a win/win situation for both personalities.

It’s a great place to personalize your pizza, and I’d probably come back at some point again … although a slight disclaimer is that their pizza tends to lean on the saltier side… so definitely keep that in mind when you visit.

Happy Eating!

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