Schweid & Sons

*Apologies for the mini hiatus but we’re baaaccccck (at least we’re going to try to be)! We’ve had a very busy 2017 so far… eating the best dishes around the DMV area and going to some awesome events sponsored by really great organizations therefore we’ve got a lot to talk about. So why don’t we get started on our most recent endeavor… 

Schweid & Sons invited us to their food truck while they were in town for Giant’s 25th National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington DC… and it’s safe to say that WE FELL IN LOVE AT FIRST BITE (with their medium rare sliders). We got a chance to tour their food truck where they cooked these amazing sliders and let us tell you… they got that teamwork on lock… from grilling the mouthwatering patties to separating the potato rolls, to adding the toppings to the burger sliders. The whole process was ridiculously fast and efficient that people didn’t have to wait in line too long to sample them. We loved seeing all the behind the scene action!

Anyways, about that love at first bite. Imagine a juicy, hot and just off the grill chuck brisket patty…now imagine that in between two fluffy potato rolls, topped with fresh coleslaw, cheese and barbecue sauce. That first bite was to die for!

But… let’s rewind… who exactly are they?

Schweid & Sons is a “high-quality ground beef purveyor” who supplies your favorite restaurants (think: 5 Guys and Cheesecake Factory, etc!), grocers and special events. They’re currently on tour so they can keep showing off their amazing products and encourage people to buy their products in stores. They’re currently stocked at your local Giant in this really awesome packaging that you cannot miss! They have recipes on their website so that you can create your own masterpiece using their burger patties. The possibilities are endless!

We had a great time getting to know the people behind the tour, getting educated about the company and product… and we can’t wait to get our summer officially started by grilling some of these juicy patties ourselves!

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