Chips and Pico de Gallo

Homemade chips and pico de gallo — first time making the chips so we burned the edges slightly due to the oil being too hot. Lesson learned, but it was still incredibly yummy. It’s safe to say that homemade pico de gallo with jalapenos and extra lime is my weakness.


*made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, and coloring with coconut flakes sprinkled on top 

One thing I miss the most about living at home is being able to eat my parents’ cooking daily… thankful that they live close enough that they can send over special goodies to my house from time to time– like this delicious Filipino dessert!

What diet?

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

…because we were craving chicken nuggets (McNuggets in particular), we decided to make our very own. It turned out better than expected and what’s great about it is that, it tasted like McNuggets and knew for sure that it was actually made out of real chicken!*

*not a jab at McDonalds because I actually do like it… sometimes (especially their fries)